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Smart Lab Squishy Human Body (wicked Uncle Gifts)

By Evette Garside @evette77

As it's Halloween tomorrow I thought I'd bring you all something a little gruesome, at least for the squeamish among you anyway. Here is a rather squishy body.

Smart Lab squishy human body (wicked uncle gifts)

Whilst being a little freakish and perhaps even revolting to some, the kit does have many benefits as well as scaring the younger ones.

The kit comes with a model skeleton which is encased in a tough plastic outer body, almost like skin. Inside the skeleton are various squidgy body parts.

Smart Lab squishy human body (wicked uncle gifts)
These body parts are all removable and the skeleton can be removed from the outer skin. The parts all resemble the major organs which are of course required to keep us alive and have various functions and also 12 plastic bones and muscles. The idea is to take everything out of the skeleton and then build it back up putting the correct squishy parts in the correct place. The kit also includes tweezers and forceps.

Smart Lab squishy human body (wicked uncle gifts)
This is aimed towards older children and teens and I had a bit of a play around with it too. Unless your a doctor you probably have no idea where each bit goes but not to worry as a body parts organiser is included along with a full guide on how to put the body together.

Smart Lab squishy human body (wicked uncle gifts)
Smart Lab squishy human body (wicked uncle gifts)

There is also a really useful book included. This book describes with detail the roles of all the organs used with the body kit and could be very useful for biology homework. The skeleton body once assembled actually reminds me of some figures we had at school in our science labs.

Smart Lab squishy human body (wicked uncle gifts)
There is even a stand to place the model on. Ryan loves science and loves taking this apart and putting it together. Jordanna isn't too keen on it just yet and says she doesn't like the feel of the squishy organs. In Ryan's room it will happily stay then for the time being.

The age guide for the squishy human body is 8 and over.

I was sent this body kit from Wicked Uncle. They sell lots of fun and novelty gifts and toys for children of all ages from birth to teens. Their website has had a revamp and seems very mobile friendly too. Searching for what you want is easy, search by age, sex or just type in what you want to see if it's there.

The Squishy human body costs £21.95 at Wicked Uncle. The ordering process is easy, you do need to register an account. They accept most cards and PayPal payments and the item arrived quickly within 2 days.

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