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Small Paintings Series (Another Update)

By Waynechisnall @WayneChisnall

Back in mid-January of 2020 I came up with the idea of setting myself the ridiculously ambitious challenge of trying to paint 1000 small oil paintings in a year. My initial thoughts behind the project were that I'd knock out a load of quick oil sketches as a way or generating a few new ideas and trying out different painting techniques. Although the some of the paintings didn't turn out to be quite as quick or sketchy as I'd initially intended (yet some are little more than scribbles), I was, for the first few weeks, still on schedule for my target. However, I soon realised that sticking to this schedule would not only be somewhat demanding, it wouldn't leave me any time for other projects (or the long bouts of aimlessly staring into space that I so enjoy). So I downgraded the target to 100 oil paintings/sketches in one 12 month period. This, with the pressure now off, I managed quite easily.

Small Paintings Series (Another Update)

'Hooded Hollow Dog Warrior', 2020, oil on board by artist, Wayne Chisnall

In my last 'Small Paintings Series Update' blog post we got up to 'Sullen Ted', oil sketch number 55. So here are a few more, from painting number 56 onwards.

Small Paintings Series (Another Update)

'Treemoore', 2020, oil on board by artist, Wayne Chisnall

Apart from two or three, all of the paintings in this 2020 series are painted directly to the painting's surface with brush and oil paint, rather than being pencilled in beforehand. I really like the immediacy of this approach. You can often end up with a piece that has a vibrancy that you might not have got if you were being more considered and calculated.

Small Paintings Series (Another Update)

'Two Forms On Red', 2020, oil on board by artist, Wayne Chisnall

The mini oil paintings/oil sketches that I've produced so far are mostly painted on small, wall mountable, plywood or chipboard plaques (recycled form pieces of  Victoria and Albert Museum packing crates), or on old book covers and recycled pieces of primed mount board (recycled from the V&A museum's Paper Conservation Department and from their Picture Framing Dept.).

Small Paintings Series (Another Update)

'Robat', 2020, oil on board by artist, Wayne Chisnall

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