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Small Delights

By Patientgardener @patientgardener
Small delightsIris reticulata ‘Eyecatcher’

What a beautiful morning we have had today; blue skies and mild temperatures. The garden was positively sparkling this morning and it was a delight to go outside first thing to explore what had happened over the past week while I was at work.

Small delightsEranthis hyemalis

The week has seen the Eranthis appearing around the garden.  I have three varieties: Eranthis hyemalis, Eranthis schwefelglanz and Eranthis cilicia. Finally, the Eranthis hyemalis is starting to bulk up albeit it slowly and I am thinking that once they have finished flowering I will bring the various plants together into one border rather than dotted around the garden, as they are now.

Small delights
Eranthis schwefelglanz
Small delights
Galanthus galatea

I am rather fond of Galanthus galatea because of the long pedicels which allow the flowers to dangle in a charming way.

However, with the sun shining it would be foolish not to have taken the most of the opportunity to continue with the tidying that I had started over Christmas.  I had intended to tackle the back of the garden but as usual I became distracted and ended up tidying the patio.

Small delights

It all started with transferring the wisteria bought last April at Bodnant into a larger pot without detaching it from the house wall.  Not the simplest thing but very satisfying when it was done. It then transpired that the old pot was just the thing I needed to pot up a climbing rose for the seating area.  Which of course led to me cutting back the bog garden (for want of a better name), scrubbing the table and chairs, weeding the various pots on the patio, and planting out a few things that had been lurking on the patio.

So whilst I may not have tackled the top of the garden the patio is now looking quite smart, well smart for me, which will encourage me to do more.

Hope you also had good gardening weather this weekend.

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