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“Small Business Und Social Media _Social Media Gut Oder Schlecht”

By Julia Fernandes @appshub

Calling all selfie fanatics: This is the airbrushing best friend you’re going to want. Sometimes, a filter won’t be able to fix it, and if you want a little boost in the form of digital makeup, Facetune has your back. Er, face.

As with many other platforms, job hunting on Instagram is about listening and interacting with relevant companies and individuals. You can use Instagram to learn about particular companies and their culture, as well as find out what’s influencing decision-makers in different fields.

An omni-channel approach not only benefits consumers but also benefits business bottom line: Research that customers spend more than double when purchasing through an omni-channel retailer as opposed to a single-channel retailer, and are often more loyal. This could be due to the ease of purchase and the wider availability of products.[20]

Social Media Marketing is the hottest new marketing concept and every business owner wants to know how social media can generate value for their business. This whitepaper provides you an outline for developing and managing a successful Social Media Marketing

Relationship development and loyalty programs: In order to increase long-term relationships with customers, companies can develop loyalty programs that allow customers who check-in via social media regularly at a location to earn discounts or perks. For example, American Eagle Outfitters remunerates such customers with a tiered 10%, 15%, or 20% discount on their total purchase.[24]

Make sure your calendar reflects the mission statement you’ve assigned to each social profile. If the purpose of your LinkedIn account is to generate leads, make sure you are sharing enough lead generation content. You can establish a content matrix that defines what share of your profile is allocated to different types of posts. For example:

Tumblr is an extremely popular social blogging platform that’s heavily used by teens and young adults. Like Pinterest, it’s best known for sharing visual content. Users can customize their blog theme, create blog posts in all sorts of different types of content formats, follow other users to see content in their dashboard feed and be followed back.

Information updating, saving or posting: If a site or an app allows you to post absolutely anything, with or without a user account, then it’s social! It could be a simple text-based message, a photo upload, a YouTube video, a link to an article or anything else.

The Digital Marketing Institute is the global certification body for Digital Marketing education. Exclusively designed by practicing Digital Marketing professionals, the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing carries the coveted Digital Marketing Institute accreditation and associated brand recognition, which is highly sought after by employers.

Google+ hat seinen Höhenflug nicht halten können und ist heute praktisch bedeutungslos (neuere Benutzerzahlen gibt es nicht). Man hat das Gefühl, dass Google selbst (wieder mal) die Lust an einem Projekt verloren hat. Einige Unternehmen nutzen Google+ noch aus Suchmaschinenoptimierungszwecken, was natürlich Humbug und somit Zeitverschwendung ist (man glaubt in diesem Bereich gerne vielen Gerüchten, siehe dazu mein Artikel “Pole-Position bei Google – wie geht das?”).

In Eisingen wird es Frühling. Zumindest verkünden es die Kunstdrucke, die uns heute der Freundeskreis Schauinsland e.V geschenkt hat. Die herrlichen Blumenbilder sollen zukünftig Bewohnerzimmer schmücken. Vielen Dank!

Vero is the latest in a long line of would-be Instagram and Facebook killers, including the likes of Ello, Mastodon, Peach, and, most recently, Sarahah. But many of those apps faded into obscurity not long after first appearing on the scene. Facebook, the $500-billion-plus company that also owns Instagram, is unlikely to cede any ground to upstart competitors any time soon.

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