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Slow Dining Dinner with Menabrea and Antonio Favuzzi

By Emma @glasgowfoodie

 L’Anima come to Edinburgh with Menabrea

Head chef at London’s L’Anima restaurant and Menabrea ambassador, Antonio ‘Lello’ Favuzzi, created a wonderful fusion of Italian and Scottish flavours for a one-off dinner at Divino Enoteca and we were extremely lucky to gain a seat at the table.

Menabrea L'Anima Divino Enoteca Event

Favuzzi’s menu included a Menabrea Drunken Oyster; beef fillets from Orkney; crab from Troon; Mussels from Shetland; Lanark cheese; and squid from Scrabster. These feature alongside a range of authentic Italian cuisine including bottarga (cured fish roe); malloreddus, a hand-rolled fresh pasta shape from Lello’s home area of Sardinia; and sea urchins from Sardina.

We started the evening, with of course, some beer.  Enjoying the light, sweet malty beer.

Menabrea L'Anima Divino Enoteca Event


The menu sounded delicious, and we couldn’t wait to taste it. First to be delivered, Menabrea Drunken Oyster.

Drunken Oyster Menabrea L'Anima Divino Enoteca Event

Drunken Oyster

Tempura style batter infused with Menabrea and a beer foam.   This would make a very posh beer snack, or a starter for a romantic night in at home.

After another refreshment break, it was time for some Scottish crab.

Menabrea L'Anima Divino Enoteca Event

Hand picked Crab with Sea Urchin and Sweet Red Onions

Perfect, this light dish went perfectly well with the beer.  The crab was moist and the tang of the sea urchin battled with the beer.  Loved it!

Menabrea L'Anima Divino Enoteca Event

Saffron Malloreddus with Seafood and Bottarga

The Saffron Malloreddus were like gnocchi although not as thick or stodgy.  A strong saffron taste and smell with this dish. This is one we will be hoping to try at home.

Menabrea L'Anima Divino Enoteca Event

Orkney Beef Fillet, Marrow Bones, Lanark Blue cheese and Cherries

Tender beef fillet served with the tangiest mash around.  The Lanark Blue Mash inside bone marrow – wow.

Menabrea L'Anima Divino Enoteca Event

Raspberry and Almond Tart with Liquorice Crumble and Yogurt Ice Cream

Mrs Foodie isn’t a big liquorice fan, so extras for Mr Foodie!  However she did make quick eating of the almond tart.

Menabrea L'Anima Divino Enoteca Event

End of meal coffee

Menabrea is available in select bars in restaurants across the UK.
For further or follow @MenabreaUK

Menabrea L'Anima Divino Enoteca Event

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