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Slovenia’s Election: A New Man for the Job

By Stizzard
Slovenia’s election: A new man for the job Cerar, from novice to winner

IN HIS victory speech Miro Cerar, who is almost certain to be Slovenia’s next prime minister, said his country needed a change of political culture and more “respect for fellow men”. Many Slovenes agree, which is why more than a third voted for Mr Cerar, who formed a party (named after himself) only on June 2nd—and came top, with 36 of the parliament’s 90 seats, in the election on July 13th.Much of what Mr Cerar says is hard to dislike. Aljaz Pengov Bitenc, a political blogger, says this allows people to see whatever they want in him, be that “perfect son-in-law or Dalai Lama”. He has taken positions against privatisation which the left likes, but also more conservative ones that the right support. A mild-mannered, 50-year-old constitutional-law professor, he has a reputation for probity and modesty. He has advised politicians and parliament for two decades and is known for his television appearances to explain legal matters.Mr Cerar will spend the next few weeks talking to most other parties about a coalition. Only one party is ruled out, he says: the conservative Slovenian Democratic Party of Janez…

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