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Slimming Down Our Partners

Posted on the 19 February 2015 by 72point @72hub


Four in ten Brits are currently on a diet – they just don’t know about it, a new study revealed yesterday (thurs).

Research of 2,000 people in a relationship found 44 per cent have the subtle aim of slimming down partners without their knowledge by putting them on a secret diet.

Men and women nationwide are secretly trying to shave the fat off a partner without hurting their feelings.

Results showed the by suggesting more time off the sofa, serving up low calorie meals, going for walks and even having more sex.

Half of those surveyed confess to subtly suggesting physical activities to get their spouse up burning calories whilst one in three have drawn up a healthy eating plan in an attempt to get their partner in shape.

The research, which was commissioned by Magners Orchard Berries Light, found women were more likely to be dissatisfied with their man’s weight than vice versa, but men are much less likely to bring the subject of losing weight up with a partner.

Instead, a cheeky 29 per cent of men are currently dropping hints to a partner to get them to lose a little weight like buying clothing for them a size too small, checking out in-shape celebs or even complementing her friends on looking good.

Women are less underhand and more practical with their methods and tend to focus on straightforward diet plans and low calorie alternatives.

Karen Crowley, Brands Marketing Manager at Magners said yesterday: “It’s always a difficult subject broaching a partner’s weight and trying to get the other half to be a bit healthier without hurting their feelings can be a minefield.

“It seems that the men are more scared of having the awkward conversation about weight, whereas the girls are more upfront about it.

“The girls have got it right here – it’s not all about sneaky, underhand tactics as the men seem to prefer.”

More than half of those polled dish up a low-fat version of a regularly eaten meal, while one in ten have even cooked up meat-alternatives like tofu or quorn without their other half realising.

A quarter will suggest walking somewhere over taking the car and 24% admit to secretly swapping the mayo for a low calorie alternative.

Other subtle switches for slimming a partner include switching to skimmed milk and using reduced salt baked beans.

A fifth of cheeky Brits have even deliberately put on a weight-loss/dieting or body shock program in the hope it would inspire a partner to action.

And 44 per cent have taken a risk and commented on their partner’s weight without trying to cause offence- with women more likely to drop a hint than men.

From moving the bathroom scales to a more prominent position to subtly leaving out pictures of in-shapes celebrities, the 20 devious methods for inspiring a partner to lose weight appeared in the research.

Other bids to bring down the partner’s body weight included buying low calorie alcohol, hiding treats and snacks at home and even refusing a partner a lift so they have to walk home.

While booking an active holiday or offering to make the other half a healthy packed lunch also featured.

Karen Crowley added: “Swapping favorite food and drink for a lower calorie version rather than drastic cuts or big lifestyle changes is the key to sustainable change.”


1. Using half fat/light mayonnaise

2. Suggesting you walk somewhere instead of going in the car etc.

3. Using a slimming / low fat recipe

4. Offer to cook meals using healthy alternatives

5. Hide food/treats in the house

6. Using reduced salt baked beans

7. More ‘sexercise’

8. Buying de-caf tea/coffee – giving it to them to see if they notice

9. Offer to make them pack lunches whilst using healthy alternatives

10. Using meat substitutes without telling them it’s not real meat

11. Put skimmed milk in full fat milk containers

12. Booking an active holiday

13. Buy low calories drinks / alcohol

14. Buying them low calorie alcoholic drinks

15. Sacked the cleaner

16. Buying them a gym membership / exercise classes

17. Refusing to pick them up so they have to walk home etc.

18. Move the bathroom scales to more prominent positons

19. Arrange their clothing in the wardrobe so the more of the tighter ones are easier to get to

20. Strategically leave open pages of magazines showing people with great figures


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