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Sleeping in Hotels

By Kenin Bassart @Constantramble

This is Zoe! I have a bone to pick with my owners. I love to travel, but I also need my beauty sleep. When traveling, I like staying at La Quinta hotels. They are always very good to dogs of my pedigree. Dog Sleeping in ChairMy favorite thing about these hotels is the plush chair. I have tested many of these and I must say, I approve!

Sleeping in Chair

What is this bone I have to pick, you ask?
Well, every once in a while my thoughtless humans will pick out a hotel that doesn’t suit my needs. These are the hotels with the dreaded leather chairs!!! Who would do this to a pet that they love? I can’t get comfortable on these things. They are loud and cold. My furry butt just slides right off. How embarrassing! If you love your pets, make sure to get a room with a plush, squishy, comfy chair. 
Cute Dog in Blanket
Shame on my humans!
They make me just want to run and hide forever!

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