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Sleep-texting on the Rise?

Posted on the 24 November 2011 by Periscope @periscopepost
Sleep-texting on the rise?

Look closely at the screen. Has this guy been sleep texting? Photocredit: clurr

Sleep texting is on the rise, apparently. Many are reporting that they send texts whilst slumbering. Jessica Castilio, a twenty-four year old from Texas, apparently managed to ping off two messages to her boyfriend whilst in the land of nod – a feat requiring no less than 11 different stages, and that’s not excluding the typing, reported The Daily Telegraph. but do we really do it? Unsurprisingly, there have been no studies into the phenomenon, although The Mirror reports that a woman sent 44 emails in her sleep in 2008. Let’s hope that the chap with the smartphone in his arm isn’t afflicted.

Not sure about this one. Dr Ron Kramer, quoted by The Daily Telegraph, non-committally stated that texting had become “ingrained” in the younger generation.

Some sensible advice. Dr David Cunnington, quoted in The Mirror, advised, sensibly, that the best way to avoid it was to leave your phone out of your bedroom at night. He’s from the Melbourne Sleep Disorder Centre in Australia, so you’d better listen to him, is Periscope’s advice.

“[W]hen you send a text to someone while your either sleepy, awoken from sleep, or just plain not paying attention, and it makes absolutly no sense what so ever.
Erik: Hey man, you going to that party this weekend?

Zach: No man, I don’t want a chocolate sunday.

Erik: Wtf?

Zach: Oh sorry man. I fell asleep last night. I must have been sleep texting you XD.” The definition of sleep texting, on UrbanDictionary.

iOCD? Bryony Gordon in The Daily Telegraph suggested that it would be “irresponsible” to suggest that “alcohol” might be a factor in the phenomenon – so she didn’t. It’s a “First World” problem, affecting only “the pampered middle classes.” Other such problems include “THROPH” – “Tesco Has Run Out Of Plain Hummus syndrome”, which results in people looking “green around the gills” at having to resort to “sour cream and chive.” There’s an increase, too, in sufferers of “iOCD”, a “crippling condition” that leads to people behaving “obsessively and irrationally” when it comes to things made by Apple. Don’t approach them if you see them installing a new operating system on their Macs, whatever you do.

Nah, it’s just the weed. It’s more likely “vodka, pot, and excessive pasta” that are to blame, said Chris Matyszczyk on Cnet. Although we should study these messages, to see if they reveal anything about our subconscious selves. Though they might seem incoherent, they might actually be “cries for help.” We should get cracking on decoding them – it could be a revolution in human communication.

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