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Sleep - Leagues Beneath

Posted on the 14 September 2018 by Ripplemusic
Sleep - Leagues Beneath
Sleep - Leagues Beneath First the band dropped a surprise album, The Sciences just in time for 4/20. Now they're back with ”Leagues Beneath”. Nearly 17 minutes of even more downtuned music from the band. The single was released as a part of the ongoing Adult Swim Single series.
The first minutes build a groove that detonates in the void like depth charges. It’s five minutes before the well known voice of Mr Cisneros kicks in. I don’t know what he does with the listener but he delivers one of the best voices in the genre. His vocal style reminds me a little about floating around in a stonerized space with hallucinations. In this case you don’t feel scared about the scenes you are presented.
Sleep - Leagues BeneathYou know what you get with Sleep. You get the hypnotic groove, the Iommi worship and a toxic liver tone. Al’s bass billows and bops like a wave during the storm. The guitar wailing its solos and the beeps are just as addictive as Pink Floyd. The quieter, psychedelic part of the song closes the circle and it definitely stands on its own as a single.
In case you don’t feel the universe is caving in you will when you have listened to this epic song.
-The Void

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