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Slave Society - Too Big to Fail?

Posted on the 01 August 2012 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
Slave Society - too big to fail?in November of 2010, I wrote the now-infamous
COMGLOMERATE PRISON PLANET TOO BIG TO FAIL post; back then it was one of the most-read posts on Free Planet.
But my 'message in a bottle' smashed on some rocky shore and WE FORGOT (or we forgave). I don't know which is worse.
Man, why can't you see it?
Why can't you see the Slave Society in which you live?
And I'm not talking here about western Capitalist Society, or eastern Socialist Society, or Islamic/Christian Society; it's NEVER that black and white, that cut and dry. It's never that simple. Society is a complex beast, political tides are changing all the time, Conservative becomes Labour, Despot becomes Democratic; yesterday's Caligula is today's Corporate Dream. But these are only peripheral or surface changes; the underlying state of human existence is that of THE SLAVE.
And it's been invested in by You The People for the last few thousand years, and YOU THINK (you actually believe (often with religious zeal)) that Slave Society is TOO BIG TO FAIL. In fact, you're told this day-in day-out. There's no bailout too big so that the monetisation of derivatives shouldn't continue.
You must believe this, otherwise you'd change it. You'd use your BIG BRAIN to understand the lie your life has become, the way you were shafted by successive rulers you thought you elected; this while you're STILL living in a land where a non-elected Coalition Government has the Queen's approval. Then what were all those Civil Wars all about? Who really rules, and is this slave organisation really too big to fail?
Sure, the girl in the chinese iphone factory gets her bills paid every month she doesn't commit suicide out of despair. But YOU ALL FORGOT again,
It has all the resources it will ever need. There's enough for everybody. And there's space for innovation, ethical local solutions to food, water, sewage, transport, soul etc.
We don't need empire cities. We don't need PROFIT-chasing rulers. We don't need institutionalised thought patterns and indoctrinated morality. We don't need resource-hungry sewers, bridges, modern non-healing construction, private land, security forces, mortgages, geographical borders that are forever needing our input, we're slaves to all of it.
Slaves to our working lives.
Slaves to our beliefs in a power higher than organic life.
Slaves to our weaknesses as thinking entities exploited by the intellectual parasites in this Slave Society.
We can have Diversities (where people congregate) and Diversity (where a planet is reborn and replenished) if we want, we just need to want it.

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