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[email protected] Aleksandra = Scam

By Richard Randall @aude11360

I am Aleksandra and i like to get acquainted with you!
I obtained your e-mail thru a dating agency so i came out with an idea,
why don’t i write a letter to you ;)
I want to find a good friend, a man, maybe a boyfriend.
Yep, i used to talk about love and sex straightly and
i dislike any tricks, it’s all so simple :),
so if you agree with me we could use this opportunity to talk a little
and share a couple of photos with each other, maybe some naked pictures
too?! ;)
Anyway, if you are interested, please reply to my mail box:
[email protected]
I hope you considered my proposal being intriguing and you’ll reply soon!
Lots of sweet kisses,


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