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Sky News - Eamonn Holmes - Obvious Devil's Advocate Only?

Posted on the 10 January 2012 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
Sky News - Eamonn Holmes - Obvious Devil's Advocate only?is it all he can do ... no matter what the issue of the moment on Sky News ... the only position I've EVER heard Sunrise's Eamonn Holmes take is one of Obvious Devil's Advocate.
He either states the middle ground of public opinion, which is virtually impossible and a journalistic crime itself, or, and this is the worst case scenario:
it's going to cost money to build.
Holmes: do we want to be spending money in austerity year?
Come on! You can do better than that, man. And it's happened before. With almost every interview he's ever done - he just takes the directly-opposing viewpoint, asks the Obvious Devil's Advocate question. I mean, it's a provocative 'technique' for amateur interviewees but it's not 'real journalism' or 'informative' in any way, shape or form. There's no probing, no interest, no desire to enlighten the viewers, or so it seems.  In fact, it's the height of cynical obfuscation.
Don't you'all see this?
And even I know he's nothing like this, as a person. You can tell, when he gives micro-opinions on the blandness of politics, when he talks about football, Ireland, you can tell he has an opinion; somewhere deep inside his pristine corporate outer casing. You can tell he wants to let rip. It's rather sad ... watching an intelligent man just blatantly toeing the editorial line every morning.
I like Eamonn Holmes, or at least I like what he could be. Go on Eamonn, do it. Live the moment. Make a difference. Mention FREE PLANET on SkyNews. Fight for truth.Revolutionise morning TV. Awaken the public.

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