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By Latoya @latoyallawrence

black skull candleWitchcraft causes abnormal headaches.

As of right now as I speak I am in the midst of adversaries who are burning candles on me I have a headache from the malevolent procedure but that is just about it and nothing more.

They are not getting the reactions from me or the results that they want as their spells are in the process of backfiring as they usually do.

I can now and again feel a soft heat from the candle rise up from behind my eyes and around the sides of my head and temples along with the vibrations of the flickering of the flames motioning within my skull due to the fact that I am extremely sensitive spiritually.

white skull candle
My head also throbs mildly as the ache is not normal.

It is a strangely miserable type of headache that is unable to reach into a severe or thorough mode as my energy automatically attacks it by fighting back so I do not feel the full effects of the ordeal just enough to let me know that I am being sieged upon.

red skull candle
My mind is absolutely clear except for the normal intuitive messages that I receive through extra sensory perception, however, nothing out of the ordinary no unwanted or unnatural thoughts just the physical discomfort.

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