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Skirts and Sneakers NOT Allowed.

By Ncrimaldi @MsCareerGirl
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Dear women of Chicago,

My heart breaks a little every time I see you walking down the street with THIS situation going on south of your knees.


Who told you this was acceptable fashion behavior for your walk to work?  How did this become OK?  So many of you have such gorgeous business suits and skirts.  The hair is styled perfectly, the suits are classy, and once your eyes make it below the knees in hopes for a stunning pump, you get a big white running shoe often paired with a chunky sock.  It’s quite sad to see such fabulous ensembles go destroyed by this faux paux.

Please leave your running shoes in your gym locker and invest a minimal amount into the following options:

1. The Sporty, Stylish, and Comfortable Flat: Puma Rudolf Dassler Rhythm Shine

2. The Surprisingly Walkable Wedge: Luxury Rebel Selma Cork Wedge

3. The Funky, Colorful Flat: Asos Lotus Flower Ballet Flat

I wear a heel over a flat every time but when running around the city from work to the gym, these are great options without ruining the style of a great outfit.

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