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Sketch: Redraw Other's People Sketches Or Not?

By Snezhana @SnezhanaGross
Sometimes, you find someone's style of sketching is breathtaking. It can be painting technique, a special scheme of colors or subjects. And as we know, academic drawing is not the only tool for creating fashion illustrations, a lot more important (but not the most) is stylization. 
So, you think "Aw, I want to draw like she".. and then "Can I redraw her sketches or it would be meanly?"
The answer is:  Yes!
I had this question when I was studying fine art. And on the one of the lectures on painting, I heard: 
"Don't be afraid of being misunderstood. Copying and redrawing works of professional masters is the key to gain their skills."
Understanding all process from the blank sheet till completed drawing is a very important. Of course, if you redraw somebody's painting - don't tell that it's yours (your idea and so on), but just learn how to do it.
Learn how lines and shapes act together, how colors mixed and fit each other. 
For some inspiration I'll show you sketches by one of my favorite fashion illustrator, Lovisa Burfitt. 
Sketch: redraw other's people sketches or not?
Sketch: redraw other's people sketches or not?

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