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Six Winter Weekends Wasted Because of Horrible Weather

Posted on the 28 February 2014 by 72point @72hub

The average Brit ‘wasted’ SIX weekends this winter – because they couldn’t be bothered to get dressed and venture out in the cold and rain. A study found as many as one in four of us decided to batten down the hatches and stay indoors on the rain-drenched winter weekends.

It also emerged one in three of us didn’t even get dressed during weekends between November and January.

Additionally, 23% didn’t open up the curtains on winter weekends, while two thirds preferred to stay indoors whenever it was cold and wet outside.

Because of this, 66% of adults now feel they have wasted their precious time during the past three months.

A spokesman for Nurofen Cold and Flu, which commissioned the study of 2,000 adults, said:

“This survey shows that many of us hide away at weekends when winter hits but it also highlights that us Brits are a hardy lot, and despite the harsh conditions we want to battle on to work and keep the country moving …even with cold and flu.

“Whilst the survey shows that many hide away more during winter it also highlights that we want to make the most out of the time that they can, with many people enjoying some of the good things about winter including walks on snowy days and going to winter markets”

Results also showed the average Brit claims there are several things which affect their enjoyment and ability to live life to the full during the winter months.

Factors such as colds and flu, terrible weather and shorter days make it difficult for people to carry on as normal – although three quarters of people admit they do battle through and go to work despite feeling awful.

Indeed, those people with winter-related illnesses are choosing the weekends to rest and recuperate, after forcing themselves to carry on regardless during the week.

A beaten four in 10 claim constant battles with colds, flu and other illnesses leave them unable to do anything for much of the time.

While six in ten say the weather is to blame for the fact they venture out of the house far less than normal.

Snow, ice, rain and the fact that it is impossible to maintain a consistent body temperature all appear on the list of winter grumbles.

Dark mornings and evenings, busier shopping centres and traffic nightmares on the roads are also cited as the things people hate about winter.

While one in ten people don’t like the fact that social plans are constantly cancelled or changed because people are always ill.

A lack of money also depresses people, as they struggle to cope with more expensive bills, and the cost of Christmas.

And a fifth of people don’t like the fact that their inactivity leads to weight gain during the colder months.

But a quarter of those polled said one of the things which makes them more miserable in winter is people moaning about winter.

Unsurprisingly, 82% of people make much better use of their time during the summer months.

But 47% of Brits wish they did more with their winter months, rather than hibernating.

Despite winter being the least favorite season of the year, there are some activities which make it less depressing.

Indeed, 44% of people love going for winter walks, particularly if it has been snowing, while 37% like visiting winter and Christmas markets.

A further one in 10 say it’s the only time of the year they go ice skating, and four in 10 enjoy the social events linked to the latter part of the year.

The spokesman for Nurofen Cold and Flu continues:

“The survey reveals we are nation who tries to avoid the winter and all that it brings, whether it’s the bad weather, illness, shorter days, traveling or lack of money.

“During the week we have no choice but to battle through with coughs and colds, icy car windows, terrible traffic and dark mornings so that we can get to work.

“But on the weekends we really can shut ourselves away, rest up and recover.”


1. Constant rain
2. Catching colds or flu
3. Cold weather
4. Dark mornings and evenings
5. More expensive bills
6. Having to de-ice the car
7. Damp washing all over the house
8. Slipping on ice whenever you leave the house
9. Travelling anywhere becomes a nightmare
10. Having to get out of bed
11. Snow
12. People moaning about winter
13. Finishing work and realizing daylight has gone
14. Being freezing when you leave the house, and boiling hot when you get inside
15. Putting on weight
16. Getting out of the shower
17. Christmas shopping
18. Never having any money
19. You can’t be bothered to do anything
20. People cancelling social plans because they are poorly

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