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Situational Awareness - A Gun Owner's Best Friend

Posted on the 22 December 2011 by Mikeb302000
via Fat White Man from a wonderful article by an expert, Dave Spaulding.
The phrase situational awareness is thrown about frequently these days. So much so that I am concerned it may be losing its importance.
Situational awareness is a heightened state of mind directly related to a particular circumstance one may face or be facing. It’s not general alertness, which we should all possess; it’s caused by something that is happening in your presence or general area, some type of unfolding situation or circumstance that has caught your attention. 

Wonderful! I love it when the gun guys assign to themselves hyper-sensitivity, almost super-hero qualities. But here's the best part.
You may have heard it referred to as “the hair on the back or your neck standing up” or a “gut feeling” or maybe even “women’s intuition.”
Isn't it hilarious that the same guys who continually make fun of us, suggesting we base everything on feelings and fear of inanimate objects, are now giving credence to intuition and gut FEELINGS.
What do you think? Aren't these guys more fun than a barrel of monkeys?
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