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Sitting Cross-legged - Corporation Floating - How Can It Take 25 Years?

Posted on the 28 March 2014 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
sitting cross-legged - corporation floating - how can it take 25 years? it was a girl I knew twenty five years ago, and there was NO WAY she would kiss me, so what was she doing last night, kissing me? She even had on the cliche red dress like the distractive eye candy from The Matrix. I even asked her in the dream, such was the unlikelihood of it happening. I said, "What was that for, I've known you since we were five and you'd never do that." and she corrected me, "Three." She'd known me since we were both three years old? Well, this is bullshit, because that would make me 28 in the dream, and I'm exactly two decades older than that. I couldn't think what might have taken twenty-five years. However... I did bring out my fist novel Red Hedz twenty-five years ago. So, maybe this is a(n unlikely) 'kiss from the media/sponsor' and a step up into the spotlight? Recognition for effort, that kinda thing... Also, in the same dream, my programmy mate Chad was there, in an inventor's room on his own, mucking about with some 1920's technology on which he'd recorded some JG Ballard for me. I said, "What, the author reading out his stuff?" I could even see the titles on the hand-written label. Very clearly. Very vivid. "Yes," said Chad, and this is after I'd floated in a cross-legged position around the near-derelict brick building that housed the computer games industry I used to be a part of. I'd barged my way round a group meeting in this floating cross-legged position (I knew I was consciously floating and I knew I could keep my spirits up). It's not the first time I've dreamt of being in conceptual meetings about future 3D products with old workmates. Even my old bosses were there, in their usual roles, but seemingly more keen to listen to my suggestions this time. Twenty five years.

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