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Sinking in the Italian Language Learning Through Grammar and Conversation

By Tlb

Do you really want to learn Italian language and learn it in a systematic way? In fairness to all the learning methods a learner can apply, taking Italian language courses is the most definite way to learn Italian and allow it to sink in to completely.

Pomonte. Cappucino Deutsch: Pmonte. Eine Tasse...

Italian Cappucino (Photo credit: Xenophon via Wikipedia)

Just like any learner who wishes to learn English language, choosing Italian courses for a suitable and more comprehensive learning is really a must. They focus on some learning that other learning methods cannot fully comprehend, and that’s what language course has an edge.


The most basic advantage of taking Italian language courses is that the learning is based on the communicative approach. It also focuses on the aspects of language that are the most useful for achieving effective linguistic interaction. See how comprehensive it is?


Italian language courses vary in many forms, depending on the language school’s teaching system. One of the Italian courses being offered featured into two classes divided respectively. The first section is grammar, focusing on underlying structures of language, and the second section is conversation, actively putting it all into practice. Let’s take a closer look at these two.



The most traditional part of the course usually begins with the explanation of a particular structural aspect of language: the present or the past tense, the definite article, adverbs of time and so on, followed by a series of exercises.


Teachers play a vital role in explaining grammar to the students with full comprehension. Depending on the level the learners have enrolled during the process, teachers will be adjusting so much as they equip the learners as well.



Quoting: In the conversation section of the class, participation of students is stimulated as much as possible and consequently the instruction is less lecture-styled than the grammar section with much more work in group or in pairs.

In this section the playful component is emphasized, after all recent language teaching theory confirms that learning while forgetting about being at school is an excellent learning strategy. Students are repeatedly invited to speak freely without being held back by concern about using perfect grammar. In this phase (beginners to A2) the effectiveness of communication, obtaining the immediate goals of the communication, should take precedence. In addition, the student is not interrupted while talking but the teacher makes notes of errors which are later included in group discussion.


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