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By Nicelise
Single-doomIn light of the fresh Valentine's day "glow" some people might still have with all of the flowers and love their special someones gave them, I'm still advocating for the single life.
From being single by choice for a little over two years, the only glow I have is from the massive amount of candy wrappers I've left around from the little gift basket my mom gave me. Some of you out there that think that being single is the end of the world probably think that sounds pretty pathetic. But, Valentine's day shouldn't be the only day you "celebrate" being in love with someone. And it certainly isn't a day I mark on my calendar as a deadline to have a boyfriend by.
Doing that would drive any normal person nuts and would cause them to settle. I don't know why so many people see being single as a negative thing. Being single doesn't mean that I'm lonely, unloved or incapable of meeting people.
To me, being single means being confident to stand on my own and waiting for a relationship, and eventually, love to happen. It means that I don't need a man in my life to make me feel complete. It means that I don't need to force a relationship for the sake of having a relationship.
Especially being a 20something, single life means getting to know yourself, starting your career and figuring out what is really important to you and what makes you happy.
Don't get me wrong, love and relationships are amazing. But only the right love and right relationships are amazing. There's nothing wrong with being single, but there's everything wrong with dating someone for the wrong reasons. How can you know if someone makes you truly happy if you haven't figured out on your own what makes you happy?
I've always looked at being single as freedom, but more recently I've realized being single means saving your ability to love for when the right person comes along, rather than handing it out to every guy the crosses your path.
Something else I've recently learned is that good things come when you least expect them. When you go looking for something, or someone, you can end up discouraged, empty-handed or with just anyone. Obviously sitting at home watching Lifetime movies isn't going to open you up to many opportunities. But being a confident, single 20something and trying new things and going to new places will.
A truly healthy and happy relationship is probably the relationship you don't need at all.
xoxo Nickie

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