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#SincereDeceit by @janebadrock

By Pamelascott
Michael's got everything he ever wanted, but in a world which turns in a flash, can he hold on to it?

Michael's a successful investment manager and a womaniser. On his way to the top, he meets his match in Frances.

When Michael's mother dies ,Frances falls in love with his family home and Michael falls in love with her.

They marry but when Frances falls pregnant she changes.

Her strange behaviour stirs up buried painful childhood memories for Michael.

As his past catches up with him, his luck begins to run out.

In a downward spiral there is only person who can help him, Frances.

Will she destroy him...


Michael stared at the removal van as it travelled up the long gravel drive, his eyes narrowing as he watched for potential damage to the cherry trees now devoid of blossom.

JULY 2013


(SpellBound Books, 7 November 2022, e-book, 327 pages, copy from the author)



I've enjoyed the author's other books and was looking forward to Sincere Deceit which is a bit different than her other thrillers. I liked it a lot. I loved the way the whirlwind romance between Michael and Frances is portrayed and comes across as genuine. The cynic in me just waited for the other shoe to fall. And of course it does. Frances is quickly pregnant and starts to gradually morph into someone else, not so nice. I loved the way Michel's life starts to fall apart. He really develops as a character. I could not put this down.

#SincereDeceit @janebadrock

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