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Simple Tips to Perk up Your Foreign Language Learning

By Tlb
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Going to another country just to learn English abroad is not the only way to learn another language during these times. Learning methods are increasing due to the modernization we are exercising now, so it is possible to learn a second language already without necessarily traveling. Besides, not all people have the finances to do so. Lucky for those who are monetarily supported; but for those who aren’t, they can just stay within their premises and take advantage of a learning opportunity the modern technology gave to them.

How about you? Are you a financially supported language learner taking foreign language courses or a self-learning student learning within your personal computer? Whether you are learning languages online or enrolled in a language school, these simple tips itemized below are provided to improve your foreign language learning. Simple, because it is easy to apply and you won’t miss these out—yet effective, because you’ll be assured that it’ll sharpen your learning skills effectively.


If you are enrolled to a language school, you are greatly encouraged to constantly practice your target language in a certain period of time. You will be talking and conversing to native speakers of such language until you completely master it. This method is called immersion.

However, if you are just staying within your vicinity, you could go mingle with your circle of foreign friends. I’m sure you have some; if they’re bilingual, the better. Ask them to give you examples and let them use their body language. Charades can be a good game to practice such skills (just like what our previous article posted). In this way, you could learn basic words and phrases, making your language learning a lot easier.

Read, Watch and Listen

Mass Media is very influential to a person. TV, radio, books, and magazines are just few of the numerous ways to add up your knowledge in foreign languages. You could perhaps watch a foreign movie with your target subtitles, read short foreign novels, review a dictionary, listen to different songs, and more! The ideas are unlimited!

Perhaps at first, you’d get tired and bored. But as long as you have the determination to pursue such learning, you wouldn’t find this difficult. You could also include Youtube as one of your resources. The Internet will provide most of the ideas for you.

So, do you think these tips are very helpful to you? There’s only one way to find out and it’s to take heed of these ideas and apply it to your language learning. Evaluate yourself how your improvement takes place and share your experiences in this page.

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