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Simple Fire Pit Designs Ideas

By Mattnem05 @mattnem05

Fire pit designs ideas - Fire pit designs can be as simple as a fireproof container, or can be made gas-fired holes with built-in seating. As designs vary, fire pit installation can take as little as a few hours or it may take much longer if hard work is part of plan drawn up fire pit. Fire pit seats can be part of solid or patio furniture can be raised around fire pit.

Simple Fire Pit Designs Ideas

Round fire pit designs ideas give installation of fire pit fire a classic look. With fire being around fire, guests are able to make conversation easily. Higher round hearth, guests more can fit around it. Fireproof prefabricated metal bowls and cups are available to build this type of stove. If fire pit is a raised design, bricks or stones stacked often make outside of a round well installation fire. Fire pits round work with wood or gas. A gas stove, different materials provide different color flames. Lava rock and stained glass are two common materials fire pit that can give an interesting appearance stove while in operation and when it is not.

Square or rectangular fire pit designs ideas tend to be less conducive to talks. If you do not allow room to sit around fire, a square or rectangular hole may be best design option. It may be more difficult to find predefined fire bowls for angular stove, but make one of fireproof concrete is an option. While this type of stove can be established in earth, is typically about 12 inches above surface. This height can serve as extra seating garden when fire pit is not in use, and when it is running guests can warm their feet along its edges.

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