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Simple Endurance Training For Tennis – The Mini-Course Is Now Open!

By Kselz @TennisFixation

It's finally here! I've been talking about my first tennis mini-course for weeks - here on Tennis Fixation and in the Tennis Quick Tips podcast. So I'm excited to say - my first mini-course is finally here and ready for you to join!

Simple Endurance Training For Tennis – The Mini-Course Is Now Open!

The course is called Simple Endurance Training for Tennis and is a is now open and ready for you to join!

Just click on the link below and you'll go to the page where you can get all of the information on how to buy your copy:

This is my very first time to offer an on-line course and I'm really proud that I was able to put this together and get it up and running.

Simple Endurance Training for Tennis is a tennis mini-course that will give you an easy training plan for building your endurance and fitness for tennis. It is designed for tennis players who are new to (and may have avoided) running and fitness walking.

If you've never been a runner before or if the thought of jogging for more than a few minutes at a time sounds grueling to you, you're going to love this training plan. That's because the kind of training that will help you play better tennis is not the long, grueling marathon-type runs you may have avoided in the past. Using this plan, you'll begin at a slow pace, running for short periods of time with lots of walking breaks. Over six weeks, you'll gradually build your endurance and fitness to a level where you'll run in quick bursts at a high intensity with short recovery walking breaks. This is exactly the kind of energy output you need when you're playing a tennis match. By the end of the six weeks, you'll find yourself lasting longer on court and feeling way more comfortable whenever you have a challenging match.

Go over to to check it out. And take a look around the entire Tennis Mini-Courses site - I'm planning on adding several more courses soon. Every Tennis Mini-Course will be packed with information and instruction but will be super-cheap - always less than $20.

So check out Simple Endurance Training for Tennis and Tennis Mini-Courses and let me know just what you think in the comments below!

And thanks to all of you who've already joined the course and to those who supported me while I put this course together. Your encouragement has meant the world to me!

Happy Tennis!

Simple Endurance Training For Tennis – The Mini-Course Is Now Open!

P.S. I'm hoping this gets out to as many tennis fanatics as possible. Would you mind sharing with your friends? You can use the sharing buttons on the left. Thanks!

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