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Simple DIY Bride Tee: Bleach Art

By Weddingblog2011

This is an ideal project for D.I.Y. brides that don't have a lot of extra time. It is so quick and easy! You will need a bleach pen and some cardboard and wax paper. Pick out a few tank tops, and create your own designs using the bleach pen!

The cardboard and wax paper goes on the inside of the tee while you are working with the bleach so that the bleach doesn't soak through. The trickiest part is washing off the bleach (once it has had time to do its work) without getting any spots on the rest of the tee. Put it under a powerful and direct stream of water for best results.

Make several tees that you and your ladies can wear out for your bachelorette party. Or, make one just for you to wear while you get ready on your big day. Create designs on beach-friendly tank tops for an ocean-side wedding. What about writing "Mermaid of Honor" on one?

Are you an artist? Have fun creating your own custom art! Be sure to wear something that you won't mind getting bleach on as you do this project. The bleach pen keeps things pretty neat and tidy, but you never know! Have you ever done bleach art before? How did it turn out? Let me know in the comments section below!

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