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Silver Rocket - Old Fashioned

Posted on the 13 January 2012 by Ripplemusic
 Old Fashioned
Even though Silver Rocket's genre is listed as post-punk, I wouldn't be surprised if their album "Old Fashioned was in the possesion of a few perky-goths. Most of the album incorporates the old tried-and-true methods of deeper somewhat monotonous vocals, and the bass being brought forth in the sound, rather than being buried under the guitar. Such lyrics as, "The worst is yet to come....so kiss me," sound like shadowy laments that could have come from Robert Smith.
Stylistically, Old Fashioned takes the simple three chord song, adds 90's indie flavor to it, slides some 50's crooner style in there, and it's just magical. The songs are simple, they sound old-but also like nothing else at the same time. I almost can't describe it. Listening to it was like the feeling of a lazy Sunday, sprawled out on your living room floor, just nodding along to great, emotional rock.
But, then again, that's not the only feeling you get while listening. It's almost hypnotic. You're drawn in by the comfy vocals, and held in place by the careful, simple guitar, and carried away by elegant basslines. Ah! I know what it reminds me of now! Think Iggy Pop on downers. It's energetic but sleepy at the same time.
I loved the album, it made half of me want to curl up and watch old movies, and nap. The other half of me wanted to drive really fast with my head out of the sunroof down a busy street at sunset during late summer. It's fifties ballads meets sixties psychadelia meets ninties punk revival.
The whole album is a swaying tribute to everyone from Frank Sinatra to The Ramones and The Sex Pistols. It's old-but new. It's slow but fast. It's....It's just lovely.
--Gorgeous Nightmare

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