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Silence and Reflection

By Coreyamaro


Silence. Reflection.

We mourn: Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Atheist, Jewish, Black, White, Young, Old, Rich, Poor, Strong, Weak... someone like me.

Hatred nor violence is a religion, it is evil. It is the act of a few who believe in something that is far from good. 

How does one go so far as to kill someone in the name of God?

Because they do not.

They kill in their own name.


Je suis charlie je suis muslim


Photo and text, via link below: 

Je suis Charlie, Je suis Muslim.


Those of us who believe in love must stand strong.

And so I pray: Show me the way.

For all of those who have died at the hands of violence and evil, and are dying and will die...

Give me courage to love, and love, and love in every little step and in the face of fear.


Thank you for the many messages of concern, care and love. Chelsea and Sacha are fine; Chelsea lives nearby place de la Republique in Paris, Sacha wore a poster on his backpack as he rode across Paris to school that said, "Je Suis Charlie".

Yann asked why so many of you wrote us, saying, "Sorry, and, are you okay?" He went on to say, "We were not in harm's way?"

I told him I thought it was because we live in France, and when you know someone near the epicenter of pain, then that pain becomes more real, sorrow can find expression and healing can begin.


Silence and Reflection
Silence and Reflection
Silence and Reflection
Silence and Reflection
Silence and Reflection
Silence and Reflection

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