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Signs Your Relationship Won't Make It to New Years

By Shanlakes
Julianne Hough Ryan Secreast
1. Basic communication starts to fade: You went from talking all day every day, to quite often going 5-7 hours with radio silence. I believe there's no excuses with this one. Unless you are the President of the United States there is no reason not to wake up with a good morning text, or a how is your day text, I miss you text, I'm out with my boys but can't wait to come home to you text, or an occasional phone call just to hear their voice. Having said that, I think even Barack has a second to say what's up to Michelle during the day. So, nope, zero excuses. If you go a wide range of hours without talking on a regular basis, it's because one or both parties do not want to. If you know your partner isn't stepping up to par, don't keep allowing it to happen. If he/she is too tired, stressed, hard working, busy, etc. to be a good boyfriend/husband/girlfriend/wife, then find someone else who does know how to handle life and treat you how you deserve at the same time.
2. One party is completely starved of physical attention, or any attention at all for that matter...
3. A big change is going to happen that throws off the regular dynamics of your current relationship. (could be a great thing, or has the potential to go in the opposite direction).
4. You guys constantly need to be around friends/family, etc. You have very minimal alone time. These are the types of relationships where people love the life that they have created together. They love each others families, friends, but have never actually figured out if they could spend their entire life with them based off of the person alone. I'm all for being social and going out with other people all of the time, but it is critical to have an occasional date night, vacation, or special event just the two of you.
5. You are constantly defensive of them and making excuses for their behavior. Oh, he just didn't respond to me all day because he's working on a huge project at work, he was just at the same bar as her as a coincidence, things are going to get better when...
6. You feel the need to make your relationship seem perfect to the outside world. News flash: unless you're Gisele and Tom Brady, your relationship isn't perfect. And nor should it be... in real, loving relationships you fight, you make up, you go through hard times together, because that's reality... Not only will people not believe you if you say you NEVER fight, they'll know it's probably the opposite.
7. On the other hand, you fight an excessive amount. It should be 90% loving, 5% annoyed with them, and 5% hard core dropping the gloves. If there's ever a larger percent of a relationship spent fighting than being spent making one another happy, that's when you know you need to re evaluate.
8. Everything they do becomes annoying.
9. You don't talk about the future and the things you guys will eventually want in life.
10. They don't kiss you during sex.
11. They get mad over the dumbest, littlest, most non-existant things ever. If they get mad over the little things they have no business being in a relationship. It's all about picking your battles. RUN!
12. They don't say sorry or let you win arguments.
13. You have doubts.
14. They have no drive or passion.
15. They can't find pleasure in life. They are just a down, negative person. Life is too short to not enjoy every second of it. EW! Get away from negative people.
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