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Posted on the 12 September 2013 by Jezebel282
Is there a pulse here?

Is there a pulse here?

With the rejection of the DTC selected candidate for mayor by the voters it is possible that there may be a pulse left in Stratford politics. The DTC has been on life support for years since acquiring Mironitis. To be sure, the prognosis is still questionable but repeated doses of reality might have a positive effect. All traces of the disease must be treated. The process can be painful. We may even see a transfer of this particular disease to the RTC with the defection of spiteful DTC members who are particularly adverse to sunshine. With it’s own aversion to sunshine the RTC would be an inviting host for these parasites.

But we remain hopeful that a healthy process of debate and discussion of issues and solutions might take place before November. We can tell this is happening by actual debates, letters, and discussions in media such as this. It is also important to be aware that the proliferation of lawn signs are a symptom of the disease and not an indication of a cure.

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