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Signs It’s Time To Let Go

By Imogenl @ImogenLamport

We all have favorite garments in our wardrobe, and the problem with favourites is that often we hold onto them for too long. We love them, we don’t want to see them leave our lives, and so we ignore obvious signs that they have done their duty , served their purpose and we have gotten the value from them, but now they should be let go.

What are the signs it’s time to let go?

The two most common things to take into consideration when deciding if something should stay or go in your wardrobe are:

  • Is it still in fashion?
  • Is it still in good condition?

signs its time to let go of your clothes

1. Is it Still in Fashion

How do you know? Firstly, think about when you bought the item, how long ago? Was it something you acquired in a trip? Then what year was that? Was it something that you got when your son was a baby? Well how old is he now? Was it when you were working in a particular job? How long ago was that?

The years fly by (I mean 2015 is almost over!) and we can forget how old our clothes get very easily. We often need to place the moment we got them to figure out how old they really are. Fashion trends last for a little as 6 months and up to around 5-7 years on average. Sure there are some pieces that defy fashion, but sadly, the reality is, most don’t and when you’re wearing clothes that look dated, you look old and out of touch.

So if you look around the shops right now (or even do some retail web-surfing) the question to ask yourself is could you replace the item with something pretty similar, same sort of silhouette and lines? If not, then it may be a clue that it is now dated. If you’re not sure, ask a younger friend or colleague to tell you truthfully if the items is dated or out of fashion.

2. Is it Still In Good Condition

signs its time to let go of your clothes

You can easily see up close all the pulls in this fabric

This should be much easier for you to tell. The signs of wear include:

  • pilling
  • pulled threads
  • seams separating
  • worn looking
  • stretched
  • faded

Wearing clothes that look tired makes you look tired and sloppy, not a message that you’d want to convey right?

With this in mind, I pulled out a favorite top the other day, first time in a few months and saw it with fresh eyes.  I noticed that it had lots of little pulls in the fabric,  it had was now past its prime.  I decided to wear it one more time and then let it go.  As much as I love the pattern on this top it doesn’t look fresh anymore, and I have to make sure that the rules I apply to my clients’ wardrobes I apply to  my own!

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