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Signs from the Future: Key Focus Areas for Fashiontech

By Attireclub @attireclub
Fashion and technology seem to be two parallel universes that never intersect. However, for the past few years, each of these universes has been trying to make an incursion into the other, with varying degrees of success. Signs from the Future:  Key Focus Areas for Fashiontech

3D printers, smart textiles, connected clothing and virtual reality - these may have been concepts from a sci-fi novel a few decades ago, but today they are the innovations that will mark tomorrow's clothes and accessories.

The fashion world has seen over the last years a series of highly innovative projects that have used clothing and accessories as the basis for tech projects with remarkable properties. While the field of fashiontech is still a very narrow niche, there are many people who are taking an interest in it.

Even though there are many disruptive projects on the market, the different approaches people and companies are taking to the combination of fashion and technology can already be divided into a few key areas.

Sustainable fabric and garment production

Sustainable fabrics and new approaches to making garments are defined by the idea of making clothes that will either last for a long time or which can have a shorter use time, but which can be easily discarded. In this sense, we are seeing innovations in the field of renewable fabrics, which can be "grown" from the original fabric or materials made from unconventional and surprising sources, such as fruits or leaves.

Smart materials

Another type of innovative materials is, of course, the sector of smart materials. These are fabrics that are infused with technology, which allow the wearer to have some type of superpower. From jackets which incorporate the internet to fabrics that release a kind of cream for those with hypersensitive skin, the options of what can be done today are staggering. The main issue with these fabrics is that they cost incredibly much and thus are not available to the masses.

Digitally-driven manufacturing techniques

New technologies (which are actually not so new anymore) like blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) allow brands to procure, manufacture and sell garments and accessories in a very transparent and fair way. Some companies are already placing a big focus on the idea of using only materials that have been ethically gathered, produced and which is sold only by authorized dealers. This way, customers can rest assured that their rings and bags have not been made by children or sourced in unethical working conditions. Supply chain transparency & traceability will be a big trend in the decade to come in the world of fashion and style.

While we are seeing a great deal of progress and highly interesting applications of fashiontech, many people fail to see the hidden part of this progress. The world is clearly moving in a direction where it will be defined by contrasts. This is something that is reflected in fashion as well. It is already clear that some people can afford and have access to the latest innovations, while others don't. Even if we are not talking about some hyper-advanced item of clothing, but just about something like a super-performing sneaker, we are already seeing a great divide. Will an Olympics running competition be won by someone who has the ultra-aerodynamic sneakers or by someone who wears regular old shoes? Clearly by the first one. Much in the same way, in the next decades or so, we will see a world of people who have access to the latest technologies and a world of those who don't. Right now, the differences don't seem so big, but they will clear as day in a few years.

It can be said that today fashion has a rendez-vous with time. The future belongs to those who will use the technologies of their time and satisfy the needs and desires of consumers.

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