Significantly Easy, but Surprisingly Difficult: Words That Best...

Posted on the 31 December 2018 by Lalay Fuster @lalayfuster
Significantly easy, but surprisingly difficult: words that best...

Significantly easy, but surprisingly difficult: words that best describe my experience in Gulugod Baboy.

Significantly easy. Gulugod Baboy is pinned in Google Maps, which means you can travel up with your car. 😅 You are surely disposed to hike after hours of playing with foot breaks and gear changes. 😂 Because Google Maps led us to the easy way up, we made it to 2 summits in less than an hour! 👎 Call it a watered-down hike, but if you’re on a tight excursion schedule, this is the way to go! 😛

Surprisingly difficult. As an adventure seeker, I really don’t mind not having a guide. Kuya Tony posed the dilemma that the car is more prone to be lost than hikers not to find their way. 😆 Ironically, he guided the driver and the excursionistas wandered. 😳 There were moments when we trusted our instincts, but most of the time we struggled against gravity. Unlike other mountains I climbed, Gulugod’s terrain is both natural and man-made. The dry soil makes downhill slopes challenging, but cemented roads fake it. 😑 Oo, gugulong ka talaga sa Gulugod! (Yes, you will really roll down Gulugod!) 😄

Nevertheless, t'was still an unforgettable experience! 👍 Thanks to our guardian angels who prepared a safe way for us 😇, to 3 mighty people who survived the hike (despite minor injuries 😛), to international and OPM artists whose songs helped me enjoy the arduous descent, to CGS’ powerful Innova whose power is at par with a Trailblazer 🚗, and of course to the breathtaking view whose beauty proved that “the hills are alive”! 🎶

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