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Sign Protests Against Plans for RBS D2 This Friday!

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
In the past few days the following notices have been put up around Bet Shemesh (and RBS) (click image to enlarge):
Sign protests against plans for RBS D2 this Friday!
It is a statement of the plans for planning of the new neighborhood of RBS D2 and an announcement of the legal period of time for filing objections.
If you look around Bet Shemesh and RBS, you can see clearly that City Hall has a very difficult time administering the city at acceptable levels with the current level of population. The streets are dirty. The roads are filled with potholes. More and more schools are cropping up in caravans and temporary structures rather than in school buildings, Tipat Chalav had to fire their secretary due to city cutbacks and it is now difficult to get appointments for your childs vaccinations and well-care, etc..
There are a lot of reasons one can oppose the new neighborhoods plans. I am not an expert in many of the issues involved, such as population density, type of construction, adequate business areas being designated, road design, green areas, parks, school buildings, etc. though they are all important issues and there are people dealing with them specifically. In my mind, as stated above, just look around.
Sign protests against plans for RBS D2 this Friday!
The one thing the Iryah of Bet Shemesh has done well in recent years is pass the planning of new neighborhoods and build. In my opinion, the reason to oppose the new neighborhoods is on a temporary basis alone. The Iryah has moved so fast, there is no way it will be able to keep up with the demands of services required, neither for the new residents of said neighborhoods nor for the old residents of Bet Shemesh.
Just look around and see that the city has already not been able to keep up with basic needs of services of its residents. Slow down, catch up, improve city infrastructure, makes city services more efficient, get the budgets on track with the needs of the city, and then worry about new neighborhoods in 6 months or next year or however long it takes. It will be nice to have 15-000-20,000 new neighbors, but the city should first catch up with its current obligations.
There are people arranging forms for filing protests. Someone should be outside of Best Market on Dolev, as well as in other areas around Bet Shemesh, this Friday, and at other times, with forms for signatures. If you agree, if any of the issues make you concerned with the growth unmatched by the ability to render services, make sure you find a few minutes and sign the form.
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