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Posted on the 17 June 2011 by Juliez

I’m sick and tired of you,

And I’m sick of the things you do,

I’m sick of the things you say,

And how you insist you have your own way,

For how can I forgive someone who can’t respect me and the choices I make,

A person who turns every rule I make into a rule to break?

My body is my temple and what happens to it is for me to decide,

And no, it is not just a matter of pride!

Shower me with all the sweet words you can say,

But I am not one you can easily sway,

You can try to make me cry out of guilt and sadness,

But it is all emotional blackmail I will not process.

Call me unlovable and stupid,

But that’s okay; I’m not desperately waiting for cupid,

For I will only accept those who are good and until I’ll survive,

Believe me, alone I will thrive,

I would rather be in seclusion, than to give in to your illusion.

I thought about with assiduity and devotion,

I assumed the sentiments were requited so I trusted you of my own volition,

As time went on I came to see,

That there was no benevolence for me,

For your transparency overshadowed your pseudo-clemency.

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