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Shtrumpf: A New Stop at Le Mall

By Nogarlicnoonions @nogarlicnoonion
Written by : Maria K Rating: 65/100

Shtrumpf... I have memories of Shtrumpf when it first opened in Jounieh.  I remember going there often with my ex-boyfriend and sit for hours drinking beer and eating good food. That was back then, I dumped my ex and it seems that Shtrumpf has dumped their good food… I stopped going there – up until I saw its new branch opened at Le Mall. I said why not… let’s give it a try…


The interior is spacious and interesting. Wood seems to be the most used material while red bricks fill some walls. Wood and colored wood chairs and benches add a nice touch to the overall feel of the place, especially their cushions. A touch of modern meets provincial – while the wooden tables and chairs fill the place, the industrial type lamps decorates the ceiling and round TV unites fill a big wood paneled wall.


I loved:

  • Welcoming Staff
  • Over attentive to details
  • A big salad bar with a lot of choices
  • The variety of bread types available that can be heated with a bread toaster available to all
  • The menu is big and fresh to look at and browse through
  • The menu has three icons: Recommended by the Chef, Meat Free and Light – nice


Menu choices are varied:

  • Starters
  • On the Side
  • A Taste of Italy
  • Blond n’ Crispy
  • Field of Greens
  • Light Selection
  • Grill Sensation
  • Burger Platters
  • Between Two Slices
  • The Perfect Finish (Desserts)


We ordered:

  • Salad Bar: We looked for the salad bowls until they told us that they are put in the cupboard under the salad bar. I don’t know if its wise. They say its for hygeine, which is nice but a sign should be put letting us know where the bowls are – at least as first time. Rich variety – not bad although the all their dressing should have a stronger taste
  • Breaded Mozzarella Sticks: As expected
  • Kiev Balls: Not the best, but I liked the creative approach
  • Creamy Spinach on Toast: Toasts are a bit oily
  • Pain Perdu: Its ok, not the best, it needs more caramel and the bread must be soaked more… it was a regular slice of bread with ice cream on top


What I liked about them: Although its a casual place, the service was outstanding. Napkins were filled every minute, cutlery replaced with every order, new plates replaced every time we raised our heads. It was nice to see suck luxury treatment at a place like this.


 I was not fond of the food, but to be honest the treatment received will make go back and try other dishes.

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