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Shower Me With Your Love

By Weddingblog2011

What would you do when it suddenly rains on your wedding day? Not let it ruin your big day of course! Take it from Marc and Mercedes, the two postponed their couple photograph session as it downpoured when they were about to take them. Nevertheless, they thought of it as a good thing and spent more time with the guest. But, they did get the shots they had paid for just not on the same day. They had it on another day which were just as lovely by the way.

Shower Me With Your Love

The Wedding Story:

Sometimes, wedding days go off without a hitch from start to finish, as pieces of a puzzle that fit perfectly together. However, sometimes, this so important day has a few little mishaps up its sleeve which turn into anecdotes that feed discussions for years to come. Marc and Mercedes' wedding day is part of the latter. We first made our way to Château Joliette where the bride and groom had chosen to prepare for the ceremony. According to our schedule, we only had the time (and the task) to photograph the bride while she was getting ready. When we found out Marc was also at the hotel, we simply couldn't resist the opportunity of snapping some shots of him as well! We then proceeded to the Joliette Cathedral for the ceremony just a few blocks away from the hotel. While in front of the church, we tried to gather all guests for a group picture. TRIED because there were over 200 of them! Good thing the front steps were large enough!

Shower Me With Your Love

Before getting to the reception hall at La Distinction, we stopped in front of a beautiful barn to take some pictures of the wedding party as well as to do the couple session away from the commotion. Unfortunately, Mother Nature did not cooperate as a strong shower began as soon as the photos of the wedding party were done. While waiting for the weather to calm down, we made our way to the hall where we immortalized some candid moments between the newlyweds and their family members. It does not often happen that the weather is that bad to the point where we have to postpone the couple session.

Shower Me With Your Love

You will notice their pictures are taken on a sunny day because we had to make them on a different day. However, Marc and Mercedes were amazing and gladly accepted to postpone their couple session. As a matter of fact, they took full advantage of the situation and spent much more quality time with their guests. Plus, on their session day, they weren't AS rushed as they would have been on their big day. Lesson learned: even when things don't go as planned, this big day remains incredibly perfect. It is the joy, the celebration, the love, and the happiness that are shared that matter most. Mercedes and Marc understood that fully.

Shower Me With Your Love

Favorite Part Of The Day:

The ceremony - The cathedral was stunning, the band was incredible, and bride and groom were so lovely.

Highlights From The Ceremony & Reception:

The band, the old car, the tented ceremony

Shower Me With Your Love
Shower Me With Your Love


Photographer: Bonnallie Brodeur - Photographe
Dress Store: Anaïs Design
DJ: Discomatch
Floral Designer: Fleurs et passion
Groomsman Attire: Jaf prêt à porter
Event Venue: La Distinction
Jewelry: Taras

Shower Me With Your Love

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