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Show Gardens at Hampton Court That I Didn’t Like

By Danielcarruthers

Show Gardens at Hampton Court that I didn’t Like

    Show Gardens at Hampton Court that I didn’t Like 15th July 2010 * Stephanie's Blog * Stephanie Donaldson

    My least favourite style of planting is what I refer to as 'fruit salad' where plants are jumbled together with not enough structural planting and not enough green.

    I'm also pretty averse to the old-fashioned style of low maintenance garden where low-growing evergreens dominate. This garden will look pretty much the same every day of the year - boring.

    The Lego Garden has had plenty of press, but entirely about the complexity of the Lego figures. I couldn't have told you anything about the planting until I looked at my photos. The plants are very much the supporting cast.

    This modern garden probably cost the most was a cold and soulless affair. I'm sure the WAGS will love it but I can't imagine it appealing to many gardeners.

    I have to confess that I thought the 'Matter of Urgency' garden with the giant pink tap was about water conservation. My catalogue revealed that it was in fact about over-active bladders. Although I thought the tap was very clever, I'm not a great fan of Barbie pink and I'm sure that the gushing tap would have anyone with the condition rushing to find the nearest loo!

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