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Shouldn't the Ingredients in Cinnamon Be... CINNAMON?!

By Dreenaburton @dreenaburton
I'd classify myself as quite a fervent label-reader.  There's not much I pick up without scouring the ingredients, not just to avoid animal products, but also nasty chemicals, colors, and hydrogenated oils. 
But, I've never thought much about checking the ingredients on spices.  I mean, they're herbs and spices, right?  So, when you buy dried oregano, it should be oregano.  Ground cumin should be just that - ground cumin seed.  And cinnamon... coming from those delightful sticks of cinnamon, should be just cinnamon, right?
shouldn't the ingredients in cinnamon be... CINNAMON?!Well, not always, folks.  Check out this label from a common brand of spices found at our local grocery store.  Ingredients: cinnamon, hydrogenated cottonseed and soy oil.   
What the...?   Honestly, I have never before looked at the ingredients in my package of cinnamon.  I had asked hubby to pick up more cinnamon while he was out stocking up on avocados, and just happened to look at the back of the bag as I was transferring some into my spice jar. 
Now, I realize that the amount of hydrogenated oils that we would consume from the amount of cinnamon used in a recipe is minimal.  But, that's not the point.  It doesn't need to be in there!  I'm assuming it's included to preserve the spice over a longer shelf life, which makes me think it's not a brand to buy anyway if it isn't particularly fresh and aromatic! 
Soon after, I checked out the spices at our local health food store (Choices), and their line of spices did not include any nasties.  One brand didn't show an ingredient list, so I e-mailed the company.  They assured me that their brand includes no other ingredient other than the spice or herb itself.  Also, their products aren't irradiated (yet another issue).  Yes, this brand is slightly more expensive.  But you know what?  I'm willing to pay the extra buck not to have my food - whatever the ingredient - be tampered or toyed with.
So my darling readers, as we hear all the time... read your labels - even for the seemingly obvious things!
There are virtually no nutrients in animal-based foods that are not better provided by plants.  "Principle #3", The China Study.

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