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Should You Use Candles in a Wedding Ceremony?

By Weddingblog2011

As you check your wedding to-do list, there are the usual suspects which include getting the right wedding attire, reserving the church and reception sites, getting the right food, having the right number of guests, what kind of music to have played, DJ to hire, honeymoon plans, and the list goes on and on. In the midst of all this, one might forget the importance of a small item that can make a significant difference in your celebration. What is this item you might ask? Look no further than a simple candle.

For centuries candles have become something more than just an object used to tell time or help you see in the dark. Candles have symbolic meanings for many people especially for different religions. However, the most common meaning is that of peace and tranquility. Candles can help set the mood of a wedding by creating an atmosphere that is relaxing and inviting if used the right way. Candles can also make great decorative elements which only helps to make your wedding one that will be talked about for a long time to come.

Different ways of making use of candles include making it a predominant theme for your wedding. Be sure to have adequate information about the fire code for your location so safety rules can be followed. Candles can add a lot of glow to the atmosphere as well as setting up a romantic scenario.

Another idea is to place candles on the path to the church or chapel. However, people walking past must be cautious of this, especially the bride. Be sure the candles are spaced apart adequately to prevent any accidents.

Candles can be used for centerpieces on each table in the reception hall or site. They can either be used as a part of a larger centerpiece adored with flowers or you can have one large candle decorated with smaller-sized ones around it. Another idea is to have bowls of water where floating candles can be placed inside. Floating candles are inexpensive and can be found in many stores or by searching online for stores that carry such items. You can have as much as ten candles in a large bowl or as little as five if you prefer smaller bowls.

For the biggest impact on your wedding day, try using a unique candle as a topping for your wedding cake or even for many different candles to be adorned around the cake. This candle can be handmade – search for local candle-makers or try to order online – and can hold some sort of meaningful representation for the couple. You can also choose to have candle favors given as gifts to guests. Make them fun, colorful and unique.

Whatever the case may be, do consider the use of candles for your wedding. They not only make great accessories to illuminate and give the wedding venue a relaxing atmosphere, it also helps in making your big day even more beautiful and memorable for many years to come.

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