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Should You Create a Facebook Fan Page to Brand and Market Your Business?

Posted on the 18 August 2011 by Chrisbrown @ChrisBrown330


Should You Create a Facebook Fan Page to Brand and Market Your Business?
You may be considering creating a Facebook Fan page for your business.

Before you do, think through these considerations:

* Why? (“Because everyone else is” as an answer went out in grade school.) What is your goal? Who are you trying to reach? How will you know you are successful? What difference will success make to the business?

* When you use another platform to distribute your information, you actually lose control over the channel of distribution. Do you have your own blog? Facebook is a great way to distribute information, but if you use it to distribute your self hosted blog, you won’t lose the blog posts or be held hostage to your own blog.

* Only 25 members in your Facebook Fan page allows you to name your page with a branded URL. Here’s how. But double, no triple, check your spelling and word choice. There is no going back when you hit okay.

* Execution and implementation is key: What types of information will you share? Who will post? When? How often?

* How will you handle comments you don’t like or agree with? Write back and defend? Delete? Ignore? Each answer has repercussions that you’ll want to be aware of before you even start.

* Do you have a succession plan in place in case your social media maven gets sick or leaves the company? Or will your company Facebook presence leave with the employee?

What other questions did you ask yourself before starting your Facebook Fan Page?


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