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Should Have Just Gotten A Digital Recorder

By Latoya @latoyallawrence

Should Have Just Gotten A Digital Recorder

I tape recorded my mother’s voicemail message as I mentioned I would in the previous post I mentioned.The tape recorder I purchased seemed to be defective, the box that it came in was not in the best shape either.The tape recorder ate up one of my cassettes.The item was sold and shipped by Amazon.Amazon is no stranger to handing out products that have been used then re-shipped out to other buyers/customers who are looking to receive brand new items.I called up Amazon customer service to request a refund for the tape recorder and the damaged cassette tape.Amazon acknowledged that I would receive my refund for both products within 7-10 business days without having to return the items.

I was grateful and asked to be sent a confirmation email for proof in case I do not receive my refund on time.I should have just purchased the Sony brand digital recorder at PC Richard’s on Tuesday when I was there at the store, but I did not want to spend sixty dollars on something I was not going to use regularly.Nevertheless, I gave the idea a second thought. The digital recorder would come in handy to keep on hand nowadays.Of course, there are other options to record by other means. However, these objects/gadgets do not last forever. At least with cassette tapes, they can be stored away for a long time to be used again. I have cassette tapes that are still in good condition for over twenty years now.

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