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Short Story : The Passionate First Kiss

By Arjuunsahay
a passionate kiss A short story with an attempt to describe the a passionate and an exotic scene of a guy and a girls first kiss
All through the drive back home, vivid memories of her kept rolling in my head, all the time we spent alone with each other and yet I was never bothered to look past my friend to see how beautiful she has become. Reaching home flustered with so many thoughts I decided to call her up and ask her to meet me. She being her usual self asked me to come to her place. I told my mom I was going out, as I raced my way to her place which wasn’t that far. Reaching there, I rang the doorbell, giving a slight glance towards her garage, and seeing an open empty space with no car parked was especially great relief, as it would be already difficult to get my thoughts together with the new found interest in her, let alone to talk to her when her with her mom snooping around. Click to Read the Full Post

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