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Short Story : I Am Never Wrong

By Arjuunsahay
pointing faults at each other I am never wrong is a short story to lay emphasis on how people react on being criticised, even though the person may be wrong and he even know it but still he would try to defend his/her pride. As I pondered on my life to make words out of my experiences, I stumbled upon a time when I unknowingly had an ill habit of criticizing others. With a good eye for observation it wasn't hard for me to target someone’s imperfections and make funny remarks about it. I was highly judgemental and even though I tried to give it a humorous spin, I was still hurting somebody’s pride as no one wants to hear the faults in oneself. This was often observed by my family, especially my dad who didn’t approve of this habit. He pointed out that when I lay criticism on to a person, I too should be ready to take the criticism of others, I would often get into an argument with him trying to explain my self and how I am right in my behavior but my acute observation didn’t caught up to the fact while I was trying to prove my point that I don’t criticize, I too wasn’t able to handle criticisms thrown at me. I didn’t accept that my father, who has a vast advantage over me in the field of experience, had showed me the error of my ways. It is a fact that people don’t criticize themselves for anything no matter how wrong they may be. Criticism is dangerous as it wounds a person precious pride and hurt his own self-importance. A short story to illustrate my point- Click to Read the Full Post

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