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Short Billboard for a Short Film Fest

Posted on the 07 June 2011 by Thehangline

Here’s an interesting idea from agency doug & serge, make your poster copy the same attributes as your event. The Worldwide Short Film Festival showcases… well…  short films, and we all know what short films are right? That’s right! Short! So keep your ad up for a short period of time. Now, we could debate the merits of doing this sort of thing all day. How many people actually saw this up? Was this in a highly populated area and was the change made during a high traffic time of day? It really does make for a better video than it does a billboard, but the video helps carry the message of using outdoor in an interesting way. In this business, we do similar things all the time with digital boards, and to a different degree trivisions, but I haven’t seen anyone use a poster for such a short period of time and so I say, kudos!

Also, just because I love film and I thought this was funny, check out this promo video also produced by doug & serge.

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