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Shooting by the Gas Station!

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
Last night I found myself for a bit in the city of Rishon Letzion. When departing, I decided to stop for gas on the way out and there was a Sadash gas station right there. I pull in and find much of the gas station taped off by the police with a number of police vehicles there, along with a crime scene unit and a policeman photographing the area.
I pulled through and saw that outside of the taped off area there were another couple of gas pumps so I asked a cop standing nearby if it is ok to fill up. I expected a no, but he said you can fill up but only if you are paying by credit card. So I filled up the tank of gas and went on my way.
shooting by the gas station!
shooting by the gas station!
Not really knowing what happened but assuming there had been a murder (though no chalk drawing of a human shape was on the ground) or at least a shooting, I found it a little surreal that they even let cars drive into the complex, let alone fill up with gas!
If you are curious as to the actual story, the news reported that there had been a shooting and the victim is in stable condition. He had actually been shot outside a nearby wedding hall and ran away and collapsed in the gas station. I am not sure whether or not to feel bad for him, as a year earlier he escaped a situation in which an explosive device had been attached to his car. It seems as if this poor fellow is connected to the underworld. Or maybe he isn't and this is all a big case of a mistaken identity or whatnot...
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