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Shoedazzle: What's Your Top 5?

By Shoesfashfit @lolashoelove
I always like seeing pictures and posts of what other girls are buying/loving and since SD has helped me make up about 85% of my shoe wardrobe I thought I would share my top 5 Shoedazzle buys!
Shoedazzle: What's your top 5?My top 5th purchase is actually a purse. 'Columbia' was my second purse from Shoedazzle, but I bought it from another dazzler. When she came out I loved her but I was too indecisive (like I always am with the purse selections) and I missed out. Luckily another dazzler posted her on the SD facebook page and I snatched her up. She has been my 'go-to' for a few months now.
Shoedazzle: What's your top 5?
My 4th top purchase is Matilda. I wear her a lot because she is easy to slip on and off when running to pick my brother up from school or tae kwon do and she keeps my feet dry when running around the village.
Shoedazzle: What's your top 5?
My 3rd top purchase is Lita in both camel and black. She was my first flat purchase and I honestly didn't think I would ever buy a flat from SD. I loved her and bought the black as soon as she came out. I decided I needed the camel too when the black arrived!
Shoedazzle: What's your top 5?
I ordered Mina in tan right away when she came out... Unfortunately I received the cognac instead. I was kinda bummed because I really wanted the tan but at that point both colors were sold out so I just stuck with the cognac. I stalked Mina and finally got her in the tan and sold the cognac. Love her!
Alright... My top Shoedazzle purchase. Can you guess what it is? It's a pretty popular shoe right now... It's not Eloise, or Ezra... Not Fearless or Bombshell either....
Shoedazzle: What's your top 5?My number one favorite Shoedazzle purchase is Mulberry, specifically in tan because that's the only one I have right now, although I have orange on the way. I was thinking about the black too but I wasn't sure I would get much wear out of it since I felt it would be too hot on my feet. I'm still on the fence about the brown and the snake print is just not for me.
And there you have it! This is my top 5, although it was hard to narrow it down and there are a lot of runner-ups, maybe I should have done a top 10... a top 15... a top 20... a top 25... What's your top 5?
**All shoes are from Shoedazzle!

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