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Shmitta Or Not?

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
What would you rule about the sweet potatoes below? Are they kedushat shviis or not? are they allowed to be eaten or not? are they hetter mechira or not?

Shmitta or not?

photo posted by Kosharot

The sign says they were planted during the shmitta year but harvested during the eigth year.
 - for vegetables we go after the harvesting. That makes these sweet potatoes 8th year  produce. No problem
 - during the 7th year you are not allowed to plant vegetables. That might make these assur to eat, as they might be sfichin and might also have kedusha.
 - maybe the farmer relied on the hetter mechira to plant them, meaning, if you rely on the hetter mechira, it was ok to plant them, and they are 8th year produce, but only if you rely on the hetter mechira.
  - Osher Ad did not sell hetter mechira produce during the shmitta year. I have no idea why they are carrying this, nor do I know which branch this was photographed in
Crazy situation, strange conundrum.
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