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Shibajuku Dolls

By Evette Garside @evette77
Shibajuku Girls are fashion dolls with a difference! They are dressed in the latest Harajuku fashions and are totally on trend with their coloured hair and quirky accessories. Each doll has her own unique style and personality. Shibajuku dolls

There are 5 dolls of this series to collect and each one has its own name and personality. You can see each one on the back of the box.Shibajuku dolls

The doll which Jordanna has is called Shizuku. She is clever , smart and kind and adores kittens. She has dreams of one day becoming a fashion designer and showing everyone around the world her cool looks! One of the things she loves doing in her free time is making music and her favourite instrument is the drums. She comes with long blonde hair and a trendy pink party style outfit. All the dolls have glass eyes and actual eyelashes as opposed to painted on.

Shibajuku dolls

Each doll is fully poseable with very flexible arms and legs. This means they can sit up and be moved into different positions for play.

Shibajuku dolls

Finally each doll also comes with 4 different hair accessories. These differ per doll but include clip and slide in pieces. These accessories are not just for the doll but can also be used by the doll owner (little girls)

Shibajuku dolls

Shibajuku dolls are aimed at the slightly older girl of six and over. Each one is really pretty with accessories and make up and long hair. They are bigger than barbie dolls with a slightly younger face. Jordanna is happy with her doll and I can use the accessories for both my girl.

Each doll costs £24.99 and can be purchased at Smyth's toy stores

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