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Sherlock Holmes (The Devi’s Dust) by James Lovegrove

By Pamelascott

It is 1884, and when a fellow landlady finds her lodger poisoned, Mrs Hudson turns to Sherlock Holmes.

The police suspect thelandlady of murder, but Mrs Hudson insists that her friend is innocent. Thecompanions discover that the lodger, a civil servant recently returned fromIndia, was living in almost complete seclusion, and that his last act was to scrawla mysterious message on a scrap of paper. The riddles pile up as aged big gamehunter Allan Quatermain is spotted at the scene of the crime when Holmes andWatson investigate. The famous man of mind and the legendary man of action willmake an unlikely team in a case of corruption, revenge, and what can only bedescribed as magic.


[The early portion of my friend Mr Sherlock Holmes'scareer is to a large extent terra incognita as far as these humble memoirs ofmine are concerned]

(TitanBooks, 12 June 2018, ebook, 304 pages, copy from the publisher and voluntarilyreviewed)



This is my first time reading the author. I'm ahuge fan of Holmes. I've read all the original books and stories and numerous continuations.I had a good time with this book. I loved the fact that Alan Quartermain fromthe King Solomon's Mines books puts in an appearance. This had all thetrademarks of a good Holmes mystery. It's a well-executed tale. Holmes in thisbook is as familiar as Holmes in the original books and stories. The pacing isspot on and I really enjoyed reading Holmes and Watson solving the clues and puttingeverything together. I also liked the fact I got a real sense The Devil'sDust is set during the era of the original books and stories which was anice touch. Overall, this is huge fun.

Sherlock Holmes (The Devi’s Dust) James Lovegrove

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